Explain reasoning!1.) If you make 20% more money than me, then I make 20% less than you.2.)If I have an average of 60% before the final , then I must score 80% on the final in order to raise my average up to 70% to pass the this Math 75 class.

Accepted Solution

Answer:1.) Incorrect,2.) CorrectStep-by-step explanation:1.) Let x be the amount of money,After increasing x by 20%,New amount of money ( say y )= (100+20)% of x ( i.e. y is 20% more than x )= 120 % of x[tex]=\frac{120x}{100}[/tex]β‡’ y = 1.20x[tex]\because \frac{y-x}{y}\times 100=\frac{ 1.20x-x}{1.20x}\times 100[/tex][tex]=\frac{0.2x}{1.2x}\times 100[/tex][tex]=\frac{20}{1.2}[/tex]β‰ˆ 16.67%Thus, x is approximately 16.67% less than y.2.) First score = 60%,Second score = x% ( let )So, Average percentage score = [tex]\frac{60+x}{2}[/tex]If [tex]\frac{60+x}{2}=70[/tex][tex]60+x=140\implies x = 80[/tex]