Which distribution has the greatest spread A. 13.7 - 3.1B. 423.6 - 1.3C. 38.4 - 7.2D. 231.4 - 5.5

Accepted Solution

For solving this question we will use the relationship between the range of data and the spread of data. The relationship is that "Higher the Range of the Data, Higher is the Spread and lower the range of the data then lower is the spread".So, keeping in mind this definition let us proceed and check each option and measure their range.We know that Range is measured asRange=(Highest Value of the Data)-(Lowest Value of the Data)a. 13.7-3.1=10.6b. 423.6-1.3=422.3c. 38.4-7.2=31.2d. 231.4-5.5=225.9As we can see Option b. has the largest range and as range is a measure of spread then option b is the distribution which has the largest spread.